In an expansion from 231 to 462 screens, Alejandro G. Inarritu‘s Birdman has earned $2,300,000 this weekend with a $4,978 per-screen average, and now has $8,086,000 in the kitty. That puts it above Inarritu’s Amores perros ($5,408,467) and Biutiful ($5,101,237). Indiewire‘s Peter Knegt is estimating that when all is said and done, Birdman is “all but certain” to earn more than 21 Grams ($16,290,476) but less than Babel ($34,302,837). That’s it? Obviously one of the most dazzling adult-level films of the year and arguably the best so far, and American moviegoers aren’t likely to part with anything more than…what, $25 or $27 million to see it? After being in theatres for three or four months?With Michael Keaton and Edward Norton all but certain to be nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor two months from now? And yet Big Hero 6 earns $56,200,000 in three days, and will probably hit $150 million or higher without breaking a sweat. Something is wrong here. If Jimmy Kimmel was to go out on the street and ask people to define the word “puerile,” how many would get it right?