“Senator Clinton and Senator McCain question my respect for the workers of Pennsylvania,” Barack Obama said yesterday to members of the Alliance for American Manufacturing in Pittsburgh. “Well, let me tell you how I believe you demonstrate your respect. You do it by telling the truth and keeping your word, so folks can know that where you stand today is where you’ll stand tomorrow.

“The truth is, trade is here to stay. We live in a global economy. For America’s future to be as bright as our past, we have to compete. We have to win.”
Then, reports The Nation‘s John Nichols, “Obama did something that rarely happens in the trade debate. He spoke to worried American employers and workers as adults. He treated their concerns seriously.”
Read it or not, but the guy seems so much straighter and wiser and less consumed and in the grip of the usual shit than Hillary Clinton or John McCain, that it seems amazing to me that people are actually still dithering about whether he’s right for the job or whether or not he’s going to make it, etc. None so blind as those who will not see.