I’m not saying the following 2012 films were the year’s worst, although many will agree that they are. I’m saying that except for one that I didn’t see (Atlas Shrugged, Part II) but heard was Godawful, they gave me a lot of personal grief. I’ve listed them in the order of worst first and most tolerably bad last.

1. The Paperboy; 2. Peace, Love and Misunderstanding; 3. Twixt; 4. Red Dawn; 5. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter; 6. Butter; 7. Taken 2; 8. The Odd Life of Timothy Green, 9. The Expendables 2; 10. 2016: Obama’s America; 11. Red Lights; 12. The Magic of Belle Isle; 13. High School; 14. Prometheus; 15. What To Expect When You’re Expecting; 16. Darling Companion; 17. John Carter, 18. Django Unchained; 19. The Hunger Games; 20. W.E.; 21. Red Tails; 22. Contraband; 23. Atlas Shrugged, Part II (didn’t see it, heard it stunk).

I’ve got Django Unchained listed as the 18th most painful sit because of the “dead zone” second hour. One of the many reasons I’ve got Prometheus listed as my 14th worst, I’ll admit, is because of the mandals worn by Michael Fassbender in the first spaceship scene, but I could go on and on about that film. I’m sure I’ve overlooked a stinker or two.