“So far I’ve only succeeded in my dreams. I practice transcendental meditation and there is a phase where you’re meant to lift off the ground. It hasn’t happened yet. I’ll manage it one day. In fact, I’m aiming beyond levitation. I want to be able to fly like a superhero. I won’t be happy until I can fly across oceans and cities, saving people from being murdered.” — The Hangover costar Heather Graham quoted in an interview with London’s Daily Mail.

In The Americanization of Emily James Garner‘s character says a line to the effect that “nobody gets moral or spiritual unless they want to get something or get out of something.” Graham sounds like she’s in a relatively good place in her head, but I think she’s emphasizing her spiritual life in this interview as a way of saying “I’m fine with my career having cooled down and that I’m playing leads in indies that nobody sees and supporting roles in rowdy guy comedies. That’s all right with me because I’m tethered to something eternal and inspiring. And whatever happens, happens. I feel good.”