N.Y. Times reporter Amy Chozick is persuaded that Hillary Clinton will likely announce her selection of Virginia Senator Tim Kaine (a.k.a. “Basketballhead”) via email on Friday afternoon. Liberals are in pain over this; I’m furious. Kaine is a lethally dull, sparse-haired, beady-eyed establishment centrist. In selecting him Clinton is basically telling supporters of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to sit on their convictions and to forget about the whole super-charged, start-a-revolution fervor of the 2016 primary season. Clinton, seen by heartland bubbas as unlikable and ethically hopeless, is making a huge mistake by partnering with a toothless moderate who is obviously not a game-changer. Charles Chamberlain, exec director of Democracy for America, told Chozick that going with Kaine “could be disastrous for our efforts to defeat Donald Trump in the fall” because of his support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. I for one am off the boat. Clinton has totally blown it. I’m voting for…I don’t know who I’ll vote for but right now I’m furious beyond words.