A few days ago I saw Karem Sanga‘s The Young Kieslowski, a wise and dry dramedy about stepping into parenthood at a very young age, at the L.A. Film Festival. It’s my kind of 20something relationship comedy, which is to say low-key and droll and never flagrantly “adolescent.” It has the tone or vibe of a Noah Baumbach or Wes Anderson thing. Sanga’s story half-reflects what his parents went through in having him and his twin brother at a fairly young age, which is interesting. But I was vaguely appalled, I must say, by a female character (Haley Lu Richardson) calling herself a Christian. Last weekend I conducted an audio interview with Sanga, Malgarini, Richardson and producer Danny Leiner, and I brought up these two topics. Richardson tried to laugh off the Christianity question but I wouldn’t join in. Here’s the mp3.

The Young Kieslowski director-writer Karem Sanga.