As I understand it Nikki Finke‘s latest eruption about being “locked out” had something to do with Deadline management (i.e., owner Jay Penske) having just installed a new editing system by which Finke would be able to post and edit her own material (i.e., mostly box-office reports) but not reports by other Deadline contributors, despite the site’s “About Us” page stating that Finke’s title is General Manager and Editor in Chief. (The site is primarily edited by Patrick Hipes, Denise Petski and Erik Pedersen.) It also has something to do with Finke having apparently made a technical error in posting a story earlier today about ex-Warner Bros. honcho Jeff Robinov hooking up with Sony, Dune Capital Management and GK Films. I’m also told her Penske Media contract, which runs until June 2016, doesn’t allow her to start a competitive news site, although Finke is apparently otherwise persuaded. “I am building out and will unveil it right after the new year,” she recently tweeted.

Heres is a politically cautious view of the situation from Deadline‘s Michael Fleming.