This afternoon Trip Advisor steered us to a great little gourmet restaurant called Nu Eatery, which for my money delivered the best eats we’ve had thus far. The menu is native Vietnamese cuisine, of course. Everything we ordered was alive with subtle, melt-down flavors that weren’t quite like anything I’ve had before, and served in modest portions so we didn’t feel the least bit loaded down when we left. The place itself is small — three downstairs rooms including the kitchen but with an upstairs dining area with a balcony. And no overweight tourists in shorts and sandals! Anyone planning to hit Hoi An is strongly advised to follow our lead.

Nu Eatery is located down a small alley (10A Nguyen Thị Minh Khai) between two well-travelled streets. The chefs do their stuff in a small kitchen next to an open window.

Ladies who took care of us at Nu Eatery. The LONELY sweatshirt girl was our waitress.

Hoi An strolling.

Exterior of Nu Eatery.