Hold on a sec: I’ve just figured a way for the fourth Indiana Jones movie, which has been in and out of development since the early ’90s, to work despite the Harrison Ford aging problem. One glance at Ford in that Firewall one-sheet and your first thought is how old and grandfatherly he seems. How do you write a dashing, thrilling Indy 4 adventure flick when the star is going to be 64 in July and looks every day of it? Conventional solution: turn him into Sean Connery in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade…cast him as the dad/mentor figure opposite some young buck actor who’ll handle all the heavy-duty action moves. But I say “no” to that. You can cast a younger guy alongside Ford, fine…but the running joke is that old, bent-over Indy is stronger, tougher, braver and in better shape than the much-younger guy. In short, ignore the age issue. In fact, go in the other direction. Have Ford do all the grueling action sequences he did in Raiders of the Lost Ark and then some…fake it, CG it, push it, but don’t let him be Grandpappy Amos. That’s it…that’s the fix.