I watched Flight 93 Monday night on A&E, and so did N.Y. Times guy David Carr (a.k.a., “the Bagger“), and so did 5.9 million other good people, giving the A&E channel its largest audience ever since launching in 1984. Decently made but a bit too emotionally emphatic (i.e., too many weeping women), this made-for-cable version of Paul Greengrass’s upcoming feature of the same title (due in April from Universal) reached 2.9 million adults (aged 25 to 54….what happens when you turn 55?…do you roll over and die?), 2.7 million folks in the 18 to 49 age range, and 1 million in the 18 to 34 range…these ages overlap and, uhmm, I don’t get it.