Earlier today the London Film Festival and the Disney people laid down an 11 pm embargo for Sunday’s Saving Mr. Banks screening, which will screen at 10 am Sunday at the Odeon Leicester Square. They didn’t say anything about tweeting but formal reviews won’t pop until 6 pm New York time and 3 pm L.A. time. They’re requiring critics to sign an embargo form prior to the screening.

“It’s almost becoming an open secret in Hollywood about how good Banks is,” writes Hitfix‘s Greg Ellwood in a piece called “Will Saving Mr. Banks Crash The Best Picture Race?” Ellwood says he’s “talked to a number of people who’ve seen it (cough, long lead my eye) and it’s continually described as a tearjerker with praise not only for Emma Thompson‘s [lead] performance, but supporting players Tom Hanks (long assumed), Colin Farrell and even Paul Giamatti, who plays Travers’ Hollywood driver. Could Banks split the votes between Gravity and 12 Years A Slave and sneak through for the win? That would certainly be a nice spoonful of sugar in Disney’s cap if it did.”