In the ’68 election many Democrats were reluctant to support Hubert Humphrey because he was seen as a machine candidate who was Lyndon Johnson‘s lapdog. His supporters argued okay, we hear you, but at least he’s better than Richard Nixon. Out of this came the slogan “hold your nose and vote for Humphrey.” If bumper-sticker makers are smart, they’ll start cranking out stickers for lefties like myself — “Hold Your Nose and Vote for Hillary.”

In fact, if anyone wants to take this slogan and Photoshop a good-looking bumper sticker (you know…as if serious ad-design people had created it with clean, stylish graphics and a navy-blue backdrop), I’ll advertise it for free and we can split the proceeds, 75% for you and 25% for HE. It will probably sell. Tens of thousands of liberals feel the way I do about Hillary. They don’t like her at all, but the Republican alternative is worse so they have to grim up and do the unpleasant thing.