I honestly feel that a reality series about Hollywood’s award-season blogger crowd — Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone (the feminist-compassionate earth mama), Hollywood Reporter columnist/analyst Scott Feinberg (the tough-talking whippersnapper), Gold Derby‘s Tom O’Neil (the shoot-from-the-hip statistician), MCN’s David Poland (the chuckling, lecturing, eyebrow-raising know-it-all), Deadline‘s Pete Hammond (the tireless tapdancing political gadfly who files at 2 am), Indiewire‘s Anne Thompson (the seasoned, lightly-treading diplomat), Hitfix‘s Kris Tapley (the solemn and judgmental young guy who wants to bail on this racket in order to write screenplays), Vulture‘s Kyle Buchanan (the soft-spoken droll guy) and myself (the Last Honest Cowboy Hat — the most poetically-inclined, confessional-minded and intuitive, non-alcoholic poet-samurai truth-teller of them all) — would make for excellent viewing. I would watch it in a heartbeat. Seriously — are you going to tell me that other reality series (i.e., Fucked-Up, Soul-Poisoned Housewives of Suburban New Jersey) would be even half as interesting as a bunch of clever, eager-beaver neurotics (okay, semi-neurotics) hustling around Hollywood in their alligator shoes? The difference is that it would be entirely composed of edits from Google Glass captures. Everyone would have to wear these glasses 18/7. No video crews following everyone around…that’s old hat.