Hollywood Elsewhere’s Sundance coverage slowed to a near-total halt on Sunday, 1.22. This has been a pleasant but (so far) unexceptional festival…everyone is in agreement about this. Not so hot…nothing really igniting….shoulder-shrugging. And with Sunday’s wake-up downshifting and not seeing this or that allegedly mezzo-mezzo movie seemed like a permissible way to play it. No…inspired! Woke up late and kinda groggy after crashing at 3 am…wrote a column, missed Stewart Copeland’s Police doc, Everyone Stares…saw Freida Lee Mock’s straightforward but pleasingly passionate Tony Kushner doc, Wrestling with Angels; went to a Women in Film gathering at the River Horse; decided to blow off seeing Neil Burger’s The Illusionist and Michel Gondry’s The Science of Sleep…later, shine it, grab a salad…get back on the horse tomorrow (i.e., today).