Writing yesterday about that 33 year-old Japanese Spielberg documentary led me to investigate the horrific helicopter accident that came to define Twilight Zone: The Movie, which Spielberg produced, and to some extent cast a shadow over the life/career of John Landis. The footage is old news but I hadn’t really watched it until yesterday. It happened on 7.23.82 at an Indian Dunes location in what is now Santa Clarita, during a late-night filming of a Vietnam nightmare sequence. A helicopter lost its tail rotor due to a stronger-than-expected VFX detonation and it suddenly crashed, killing poor Vic Morrow and two child actors, Myca Dinh Le and Renee Shin-Yi Chen, in a millisecond. I’d never read until yesterday that Spielberg ended his relationship with Landis after the incident. The rap against Landis was that he was incautious, but there’s always been a fine line between reckless disregard and capturing that extra element of super-charged realism. It was an accident, yes, but attitudes about safety certainly weren’t paramount. This was the worst on-set accident until the Midnight Rider train-track incident of 2014.