The viral Jeremy Meeks thing is obviously another one of those situations in which a guy on a downward crime spiral might be saved because he’s suddenly been recognized for some kind of talent and has become quite popular with the ladies. This is what happened to Elvis Presley‘s Vince Everett character in Jailhouse Rock after his soulful singing of “I Want To Be Free” was broadcast. Hip-hop millionaire T.I. (a.k.a., Clifford Joseph Harris) once spent a year in the slam for possession of illegal guns. 50 Cent did time as did Mark Wahlberg and Tim Allen. Life sometimes cuts people a break, and Meeks is obviously being offered a chance to straighten his life out. He’s been popped before and almost certainly has anti-social impulses that could manifest again, but you have to be optimistic in these situations. Meeks could be a super-model or an actor even.