I shouldn’t have crashed last night around 6 pm (3 am L.A. time) but I did, and now I’m paying the price. It’s 3:12 am in Hanoi (or just past noon back home) and I’m stone-cold awake. Yes, it’s Sunday here and we’re all leaving for Ha Long at 7:45 am. But at least I have Tunnel Bear, a VPN which allows access to U.S.-based streaming sites that are normally blocked if you’re outside the country. HE’s own Rian Johnson turned me on to Tunnel Bear last June in Paris. We met for Indian food at Angeethi (36 rue de la Roquette) as Johnson had just been to a Wagner opera at the Bastille Opera. Johnson also told me about Uber, an upscale, cool person’s taxi service that you can order online and which you turn to when there are no cabs due to rain or commuter demand.