It runs out that HE’s recent TypePad problems were entirely the fault of the goons at HE’s server, Orbit/ThePlanet. “The basic problem was the server time clock began falling out of sync because of a bad motherboard,” HE’s tech guy, Brian Walker , explains. “As the time fell further offbase we began to notice symptoms like TypePad not validating logins because our server said the logins were not happening in real time.

“[But] when the techs gave us a new motherboard they messed up the time reset, making comments that were posted in the last 24 hours have a bad timestamp (3 days in the future). The techs fixed the clock ‘for real’ and we tinkered with the bad comments from the last 24 hours to get everything back up to speed. During that time many people had login problems and others could login and seemingly post, but their posts would not show up on the site due to the server clock. But all should now be well in HE Land.”