I spoke to a guy a couple of days ago about the lopsided pro-Hillary Hispanic vote in Tuesday’s primary. I said I didn’t believe it was all about political allegiance or comfort levels, and that part of it had to be about black-brown racial resentment. A lifetime Los Angeleno who knows the pot inside and out, the guy said bluntly, “Blacks hate Hispanics.” And vice versa?, I asked. “Pretty much,” he said. I’d read that recent 1.28.09 Pew Research report that emphasized shades and complexities. I’d also read that 1.15.08 N.Y. Times report about Obama and Hispanics and race. I don’t know anything, but a voice was telling me that the blunt speaker was just saying it (or at least a part of it) while the columnists, bloggers and TV commentators were sort of pussy-footing.