He’s finished, right? His poll numbers were dropping anyway after his brash and abrasive performance during last Tuesday’s debate. On top of which he’d behaved in a thoughtless and cavalier fashion all through the pandemic, and eventually God couldn’t stand it any more and said “fuck this guy.”

And so Trump’s karma and the hovering virus joined hands and infected his ass (perhaps during last weekend’s super-spreader event at the White House) along with Melania and Hope Hicks and several of his supporters, and then he went to a New Jersey campaign event last Thursday despite having been diagnosed, and now he looks like a completely thoughtless and malignant asshole.

In the wake of all this, what kind of slimy hinterland bottom-feeders would vote for this sociopath? Millions, as we all know. Tens of millions.

Anyway, Trump is especially vulnerable to Covid due to his obesity and advanced age (74), but former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who announced his Covid infection this morning, might be even more vulnerable, no? Due to his weight and size proportions being even more pronounced than Trump’s?

Incidentally, a sensible, good-hearted guy who knows some rightwing guys has sent the following: “Someone high up told me Trump is taking the most promising vaccine. They wouldn’t tell me if he self infected, but they did say when he gets well and says he tried it on himself first for the rest of us, he will be the ‘superhero who saved America and wins in a landslide.'” What a steaming pile!