Yes, this episode happened two years and two weeks ago. Yes, it’s apropos of nothing. Yes, I’m experiencing a dull day. But mentioning Neeson (a valid thing given his experience dealing with forest predators) at least affords an opportunity to post a 14-month-old Kevin Pollak bit, after the jump.

Pollak also doing Peter Falk allows me to re-post the following recollection of an encounter with Falk 34 years ago, give or take:

“I was milling around a Hollywood hardware store, looking for a screwdriver or something, when I heard raised voices. Two or three Joe Sixpack meatheads were having fun at the expense of Peter Falk, who was poking around like me, just wandering down the aisles. ‘Aaaaay…Detective Columbo!,’ one of them was saying with the other two chuckling, egging him on. They had to treat Falk like some kind of celebrity alien. They couldn’t be decent about it. They had to fuck with him.

“And I remember how the perturbed Falk walked right by me as these jerks were taunting him, and how he was trying to ignore them but at the same time was fiercely cussing and not all that quietly, going ‘Jeezus!….Jeezus!’ I remember thinking to myself and trying to telepathically say to Falk, ‘Yes, yes…keep going! Turn around and let’ em have it! You can do it, Peter!'”