When I think of Captain America: Civil War (Disney, 5.3), which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, I recall three things: (1) how I began to feel numbed and debilitated around the 100-minute mark (i.e., right after the Berlin airport brawl), (2) how much I loathed hanging with corporate Marvel whore Robert Downey, and (3) the only superhero character who really got my attention was Chadwick Boseman‘s Black Panther, if no other reason than the fact that he’s the new guy. All that stands out are the steel claws but I remember thinking, “Okay, he’s cool, nice outfit, whatever.”

From HE review: “This movie runs around the track over and over like the ’91 Terminator, sometimes going into a sprint and sometimes slowing down to a jog but always running, and it makes you run with it, and after the Berlin brawl you just start to feel that gathering ache in your thighs and calves and in your wheezing lungs, and so you’re looking at your watch (I first checked it right after the Berlin airport sequence, which kicks in around the 80 or 85 minute mark) and going, “Oh my God…this goes on for another 55 to 60 minutes?”