Those recently surfaced, possibly accurate details about Ryan Phillippe‘s bustup with Reese Witherspoon — alleged catting around with Abbie Cornish (his costar on Kimberly Peirce‘s Stop Loss), leaving e-mail evidence of same on his Black- berry — are being mentioned out of boredom, yes, but also to illustrate two behav- ioral truths: (1) people who get caught cheating are almost always subconsciously looking to get out of whatever committed relationship they’re in; and (2) married couples split up for two reasons and two reasons only — one or the other fucking around and money problems. All the other issues (including spousal abuse, alco- holism, gambling, etc.) are fixable. But not money — either you’re a winner and a conqueror or you’re not — and not dicking around, which most women will abso- lutely not forgive.