I shared an easy and friendly lunch an hour ago with Humpday costars Mark Duplass and Josh Leonard at an old-world Italian restaurant on Ninth Avenue. I’m going to wait until tomorrow morning to post the mp3, but these guys are very cool and sharp as a tack. I’ll say it again — Humpday (Magnolia, 7.10) is the best written, best acted mumblecore bromance flick of all time.

Josh Leonard, Mark Duplass — Thursday,6.25, 1:35 pm.

The LA-residing, married-with-daughter Duplass has wrapped a supporting performance in Noah Baumbach‘s Greenberg, among other acting gigs.. He and his brother Jay are now working on their latest co-directed film, which may or may not be called Don’t Fuck My Mom.

The Owen Wilson-ish Leonard (a.k.a., a smoother and more appealing version of Zach Galifianakis in Humpday) is directing a drama called Everything’s Alright (per the IMDB) and has acted (or is currently acting) in Hung, the forthcoming HBO series with Thomas Jane. Or so I heard him say.