The Goldfinch, which completely blows and has totally died at the box-office, got a B CinemaScore — a moderately weak (if not quite fatal) grade. And yet Hustlers, which the Toronto wokesters and JLo worshippers adored, and which made $13M yesterday and is projected to finish the weekend with $32M, got a B minus?

Is there something screwy with CinemaScore’s methodology? Or on some level are Joe and Jane Popcorn not as enthusiastic about the film as the Toronto crowd was? Obviously the Hustlers grade represents a problem of some kind.

Journo pally: “No mystery here. Hustlers is kind of sleazy so it’s not necessarily top-tier for Cinemascore. The fact that what the dancers are up to is morally questionable, and so it’s hard to root for these girls. Sure, the Wall Streeter mob was (and is) greedy, but they were victimized by strippers who maxxed out their credit cards to go shopping for chinchilla coats.”

And speaking of hustlers…