Yesterday Deadline Hollywood Daily‘s Nikki Finke posted an admittedly “incomplete” list of Hollywood political contributors to the campaigns of Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, Rudy Giuliani, etc. Finke’s source is CNN Political Research Director Robert Yoon. It’s okay for a fast amusement scan, but I like the Newsmeat figures better. They have Adam Sandler down as a Giuliani contributor (along with David Zucker, Brad Grey, Kelsey Gramer and Ben Stein) but not Yoon. Yoon has Tom Hanks down as a HIlary suppporter and so does Newsmeat (he gave her $2100 in ’06) but the latter also lists Hanks as a $2500 Obama contributor as of last March. A lot of industry conributors cover their bases by giving to more than one candidate.