The famous Tail of the Pup hot-dog stand was in business in two West Hollywood locations — 311 North La Cienega Boulevard and 329 North San Vicente Boulevard — between 1946 and 2005. I was most familiar with the San Vicente location, and I’m telling you that each and every time I pulled up to order a dog I had the exact same thought. I’m debating how I should share this.  I guess I’ll just man up and spit it out. I’m sorry but the hot-dog sculpture that more or less comprised the stand looked — this is going to sound vulgar but I’m just reporting an impressionistic fact — like a fat guy with a mustard-smeared ass attending to #2. You’re not going to tell me I was the only one.

I had to get a new passport five or six weeks ago. It may sound funny but saying goodbye to the old one made me feel a little sad. This guy has been with me for nine well-travelled years.

An Amazon-ordered Japanese DVD of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Paradine Case arrived today.