It’s 8:50 am, and I have to so much to write about yesterday’s screenings and 90 minutes to do it in before leaving for Pablo Larrain‘s No, which is screening at the Chuck Jones at 11:30 am…I’m stalled, choking, frozen in my tracks. So to get the engine started, two worthless asides. If you write about something, anything….

Since my mid teens I’ve always carried at least two combs and occasionally three. I never want to walk around with just one comb because if I lose that I’m fresh out, hence the two-comb rule. But I don’t even want to be faced with a two comb situation because if I lose one then I’m down to one so it’s better, really, to have three. Then if I lose one I at least have two left.

If you wear glasses for reading (like me) it’s usually impossible inside a low-lighted shower to differentiate between the shampoo, the conditioner and the body wash containers because the labels are always subtly worded. So I have to keep the glasses near the shower and then open the shower door and half step out into the light and put the glasses on to read the labels, but the steam is so intense at that point that the glasses fog up and I can’t see anything. So you also have to keep a small wash rag near the glasses in order to wipe them off. But if the steam is really opperessive you’ll have maybe four or five seconds to read the label before the fogging occurs.

Obvious solution: Read the labels before turning the water on, but that takes a certain organizational discipline and clarity of mind that’s hard to summon when you’re half awake at 6:30 am.