Saturday, 9.1 was the slowest festival filing day of my Hollywood Elsewhere life. No column riffs (and precious few tweets) about Christian Petzold‘s Barbara, Noah Baumbach‘s Frances Ha, Dror Moreh‘s The Gatekeepers and Ramin Bahrani‘s At Any Price — all seen today plus attendance at a swanky Sony Pictures Classics dinner party at La Marmotte and then a late-night gathering at 227 South Oak.

Rust and Bone star (and apparent Best Actress contender) Marion Cotillard, Hollywood Reporter columnist Scott Feinberg at Saturday evening’s Sony Picture Classics dinner party at Telluride’s La Marmotte.

It’s well past midnight now and no energy left to do anything. Okay, I guess I can file some photos, mostly from the Sony dinner.

I don’t care if I’m in the minority about Frances Ha as others are finding it agreeable and well made but lacking a full head of steam. They didn’t see the film that I saw — it’s easily Noah Baumbach‘s best film, and I’m saying this as a major Greenberg fan, and Gerwig’s finest performance ever. So sublime, so well acted, perfectly written, awesome b&w lensing, spot-on cutting. It mines the Lea Dunham Girls realm, but feels a tad more guy-friendly, more spry, more elegant and angsty. As good as this sort of thing gets.

No star Gael Garcia Bernal.

The GatekeepersThe Fog of War) following Saturday afternoon’s screening of Moreh’s film.

Indiewire critic Eric Kohn, No director Pablo Larrain at Sony Classics dinner.

Jett Wells, Frances Ha star/cowriter Greta Gerwig at 227 South Oak — Saturday, 9.1, 10:20 pm.

(l. to. r.) Hollywood Reporter critic Todd McCarthy, Marion Cotillard, Indiewire columnist Anne Thompson.

Renowned cinematographer Ed Lachman, Film Society fo Lincoln Center honcho Scott Foundas at 227 South Oak.