And I don’t care how amusing the intro to the trailer is (“Sorry, guys, you can’t watch this“).

And I don’t care how shitty the reviews are, to wit: “Those who find joy in 11-year-olds dropping the F-bomb, and otherwise talking smack they really don’t understand, will be in hysterics for the full hour and a half of Good Boys. Anyone looking for a little more in the way of comic inspiration is likely to be disappointed by this mediocre comedy from director Gene Stupnitsky and co-writer Lee Eisenberg” — Variety‘s Dennis Harvey.

Nothing will overtake my initial impression about Good Boys (Universal, 8.16), which was that totally moronic, p.c.-inflamed, tinted-blackface controversy that erupted for a day or two last August. The one involving Good Boys (Universal, 8.16), and which ignited after TMZ posted photos of a stand-in for 11-year-old Keith Williams wearing makeup to darken his skin color? Which resulted in producer Seth Rogen apologizing, etc.? And which Indiewire‘s Zack Sharf tried to further inflame by getting at least one cinematographer to say that the practice of applying blackface for lighting purposes was “unorthodox.”