Ethan Hawke is such a good actor he can almost elevate mediocre films along with this performances, but Getaway (Warner Bros., 8.30) is clearly a cheeseball thing. The voice of the guy on the phone sounds like Eli Samaha, but it’s actually Jon Voight. Capsule synopsis: Brent (Hawke) with the help of a ruffian bad girl (Selena Gomez) must get behind the wheel and follow the orders of a mysterious man (Voight) in order to save his kidnapped wife…lah, lah.

Like anyone else Hawke alternates between paycheck movies to pay for his life and indie-ish character-driven films for creative satisfaction. And like most others, less than 20% of the films he makes are good. My favorite Hawke pics over the last 11 or 12 years: Training Day (’01), Before Sunset (’04), Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (’07), Daybreakers (’09), Before Midnight (’13).

The title doesn’t refer to either of the two films called The Getaway (the ’74 Sam Peckinpah or the other one with Alec Baldwin)