I have this idea that Sharon Waxman‘s N.Y. Times story about 20th Century Fox execs pulling the plug on Used Guys, the Jim Carrey-Ben Stiller-Jay Roach comedy, isn’t just well reported. It’s also, I suspect, a sign of the times, a turn in the road…a shot heard round the Hollywood world. The $112 million budget meant that Used Guys would “be one of the most expensive original comedies ever made,” Waxman writes. “And in an industry with crushing marketing costs and top-shelf stars taking a huge chunk of every ticket sale, the studio decided the math didn’t add up.” Bottom-line indicator: Carrey, Stiller, Roach (the director) and other top-dollar players are going to have to start adapting to a world in which they’ll have to settle for being very well paid for their talent and name value, instead of being paid fantabulously-orgasmically. Get used to it, hombres.