Kim Jong-un can’t just stand there like an ordinary schlub as we watches a missile launch. He needs a soft easy chair, a desk (!), a desk pad with four silver weights and a nice pair of large binoculars. And his sycophants kiss his chubby ass like this all day long, 24/7/365.

Yesterday Tatyana and I did our favorite Beverly Hills hike — 14,000 steps and 4.5 miles. We park on Woodland right next to Bob Evans’ driveway, and then walk up Beverly Drive…up, up, up to Franklin Canyon Drive, up to the peak and down again, and then right on Lake Drive and onto a trail that winds all around and over the the hills but finally ends up on Royalton Drive, which then feeds onto Coldwater Canyon. And then we hike down Coldwater back to Evans’ place. A couple of hours.

Marilyn Monroe in 1938, at age 12.