It’s part of the online burden these days that Hitler/bunker/Downfall mash-ups about any perceived problem with any big product or film are going to pop up on YouTube, whether we like it or not. And in a sense I’m sorry for this. That said, I laughed out loud at this. The writing is quite snappy. There are a couple of “who/that” grammar issues, but you can’t say it doesn’t reflect actual carpings.

Highlights: (a) “Cameron has spent too much time underwater, and has taken the Hollywood opiate of putting technology before story“; (b) “Who the hell wants Clone Wars: Thundercats?”; (c) “They said the 3D would be so good it’d be like having your eyeballs fucked!”; (d) “Who in their right mind would want to live vicariously through a furry ballerina who fights off space marines with his freaking organic farm?”