I’m afraid that Ulrich Seidl‘s Paradise: Love, which may well be an excellent film, is going to have to make its way through the festival without my assistance or participation. I decided against seeing it five seconds after opening the press book and realizing it’s about a 50-ish fat lady going to Kenya to have it off with the native lads.

For all I know it’s about a romantic and spiritual journey that will rival Katherine Hepburn‘s in Summertime, but I wouldn’t see this with a knife at my back. Best wishes to Seidl and his collaborators.

Oh, and at the risk of offending the transgender community, Xavier Dolan‘s Lawrence Anyways is out too. I didn’t much care for Dolan’s Heartbeats, a menage a trois film from two or three years ago, and I just don’t feel like doing this and it’s my right as a citizen to say “no” so let’s just leave it alone…no offense but later. If I was forced to choose between the two I’d probably go for the Dolan, for what it’s worth.