I sat right outside the Yarrow press screening room when Right At Your Door was being shown late Wednesday afternoon…obviously wanting to see it but also needing to freshen the column material and put up new photos. Duty prevailed. Door, a futuristic thriller about terrorist destruction hitting Los Angeles, has been acquired by Lionsgate, and at least six others have been bought also. Little Miss Sunshine has been acquired by Fox Searchlight, Michel Gondry’s The Science of Sleep by Warner Independent, The Night Listener by Miramax (I haven’t seen a less commercial- seeming film at this festival), Wordplay by IFC Films, Factotum by Picturehouse…no, Picturehouse’s deal fell through and then IFC picked it up…and Momentum Pictures has acquired Jody Hill’s The Foot Fist Way, which I declined to see a day or two ago because I won’t do f***ing midnight screenings that keep me up until 2:30 or 3 am.