A dead-certain acquisition to come: the quietly moving and intriguingly measured Stephanie Daley, which I saw early Wednesday afternoon at the Eccles. My hat is sincerely tipped to director Hilary Brougher, and especially for eliciting such superb performances from Tilda Swinton and especially Amber Tamblyn, who is now on the Big Map because of this film. (It’s too bad after giving such a finely textured dig-deep performance in Daley that she’s agreed to star in the lowballing Grudge 2). Other Sundance pickups in the wings include Bobcat Goldwaithe’s Stay (which is nominally about the ramifications of a woman having given a blowjob to a dog), Slamdance’s Sasquatch Dumpling Gang (which I had a chance to see yesterday at 3 pm but Sundance is all about tough choices and I had to make one), Half Nelson (some- thing’s approaching in the distance…it’s…oh, God!…it’s the immaculate sensitivity and tasteful inclinations of Ryan Gosling!), and the widely admired Wristcutters: A Love Story.