I’ve been lazy but no longer. Sometime this weekend I’ll settle in with the DVD of Jerome Salle‘s Anthony Zimmer, a French-language thriller (plastic surgery, money-laundering, mistaken identity) which Florian von Henckel Donnersmarck‘s The Tourist (Sony, 12.10) is a remake of. And as long as I’m researching, I’d be grateful to receive a PDF of the script (written by Donnersmarck, Chris McQuarrie and Julian Fellows)

Update: A 2008 draft of The Tourist script says “screenplay by Julian Fellows, revisions by William Wheeler, based on “Anthony Zimmer” by Jerome Salle, current revisions by Jeffrey Nachmanoff.” So it’s Fellows, Wheeler, Nachmanoff, von Donnersmarck and Chris McQuarrie. Wait for McQuarrie, regarded in some circles as a bit of pompous dickwad, to start strutting around and taking most of the credit for the screenplay when it opens in December.