Several essayists and commentators of color will be disappointed. That’s understood. If I was Biden I’d go with Kamala Harris or Susan Rice, but if he chooses Whitmer or Elizabeth Warren…well, what of it?

Van Jones and others are saying “don’t Tim Kaine us!…we represent 13% of U.S. voters, dammit, and we want what we want.” The implication is that voters of color may sit in their hands if it’s not Harris or Rice or another qualified black woman.

Excuse me? And allow The Beast to serve another four years?

We all understand the primal longing to see an African-American woman fill the slot, but decent people are not allowed to sit on their hands come 11.3. That’s an appalling thing to even suggest.

Incidentally: If I wasn’t Biden but my own true self relying on my own perceptions and brain power, I would choose Pete Buttigieg in a heartbeat. Remember how Fox voters expressed support for Pete to a certain extent last fall? They respected him and felt a certain kinship because of his religious beliefs and moderate-practical liberalism.