In a 1.8.16 Financial Times interview, ex-New York mayor and serious billionaire Michael Bloomberg has stated for the first time that he’s definitely considering a run for the White House. He didn’t officially declare but he’s obviously edging toward that. Bloomberg said he was “looking at all the options” and that he needs to “start putting his name on ballots across the U.S. at the beginning of March.”

Bloomberg apparently intends to run as an independent. If he does this he’ll be the new Ralph Nader. In a three-way race — Clinton vs. Trump vs. Bloomberg — indications are that Bloomberg will probably draw votes from Clinton. Another option is that he could conceivably run as a Republican with an intention to take the nomination away from Trump, but it that’s the secret plan why did he wait so long? In any event he’s ready to spend $1 billion of his own money to fund the possible campaign. Bloomberg is reportedly worth over $35 billion.

“Bloomberg’s entury would radically affect the election,” the FT story notes. “Many experts believe that Mr. Bloomberg would help the Republican nominee by drawing more support from Democrats over Republicans because of his liberal stance on issues such as gun control and the environment. A poll conducted by Bloomberg’s own news organization and the Des Moines Register ahead of the Iowa caucuses found that only nine per cent of Republicans had a favorable view of him, while 17 per cent of likely Democratic voters in the state ​had a favorable opinion.”

In short, if Bloomberg runs as an independent against Trump and Clinton, the odds of Trump winning would surge.