If Derek Wan‘s Shadow: Dead Riot, a lesbo women-behind-bars zombie flick, is half (or even a third) as entertaining as Nathan Lee‘s review in the 3.22 New York Times, I’d really like to see it. The opening graph reads, “A cult classic is born in Shadow: Dead Riot, and so is a rampaging corpse baby. Written by Michael Gingold and directed by Derek Wan, this berserk little B-movie is obviously the greatest zombie flick ever set in an experimental women’s prison, easily the underground treat of the season, and totally off its rocker.” But can the film’s distributor, Media Blasters, manage to get a print out to Los Angeles, considering that Dead Riot‘s web page was apparently once functioning but is now no longer among the living? If Wan and anyone at Media Blaster is reading this, get in touch and send me a DVD already.