Roadside Attractions will distribute the Berlin Film Festival hit The Road to Guantanamo in the U.S. of A. sometime early this summer. Which means, of course, that only people in the big cities will see it in theatres and everyone else will rent the DVD through Netflix. Co-directed by the always-slightly-irritating Michael Winterbottom, it’s a docudrama about three British Muslims who were nabbed by U.S. authorities during a visit to Pakistan and were held as suspected terrorists at the U.S. base in Guantanamo for two years because…well, see the film. The victims weren’t exactly British gent types (with their Arab-y features and black squiggly beards, Paul Greengrass could have cast them as the terrorists in Flight 93) and people make mistakes, but c’mon…two years? Road was co-directed by Mat Whitcross. Pic won the Silver Bear award at last February’s Berlin festival.