Somebody recently said it would be great if Ridley Scott was on Twitter, because he’d be telling people “say what you like, mate, but otherwise fuck off and get bent” because he knows what he knows after several decades in the business and don’t tell him, etc. It would be so great! Shafts of sunlight piercing down from the clouds!

But of course, one of the reasons Scott has survived as long as he has is because he’s not stupid enough to be on Twitter in the first place.

There are almost certainly thousands of bright, experienced, knowledgable fellows who could transform the Twitterverse into a much more candid, blunt-spoken, less bullied environment, but they all have friends and publicists who’ve told them “good God, are you insane? Don’t even think about having a Twitter account.”

But oh, what a glorious world it could be if there were dozens or hundreds or thousands like Scott on Twitter, telling the jackals to go stuff it because he knows what goes.