Yesterday afternoon’s post about my loathing for the idea of Hillary Clinton choosing Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack for her vice-presidential running mate was honest but too brusque, too emotional. Here’s a more measured rephrasing. My basic reaction was “where did this jowly bear come from? A good fellow by all reports but what does he have to do with 2016 fever?”

Vilsack seems like a nice, decent, liberal go-alonger, but the spirit of the 2016 primary season, including much of the frothy passion on the Republican side, was about “no, no…something cleaner, angriersomething that blows off the usual procedures and reshuffles the deck.” Vilsack (along with Virginia Senator Tim “basketball-head” Kaine, whom Hillary also likes for vp) is a card in the deck. He’s not a re-shuffler or a gamechanger. He’s an amiable politican from Iowa.

Choosing Vilsack/Kaine over electric Elizabeth Warren — who should have run against the 1% oligarchy instead of Bernie Sanders — will be nothing short of (a) a spiritual dilution and even a kind of poisoning of the Democratic climate and (b) a backhanding of the whole Bernie movement and the strongly passionate sense that “we need a revolution” and “we need to get rid of the settled, go-along, acquiescent mentality of legislators who seem less than passionate about reducing the influence of the 1% and advancing income equality,” etc.

The whole primary season was about this feeling, this clamor, and now Clinton is apparently prepared to say “okay, that was that but I’m the cheese now, I’m running the show and this is what I want from a practical perspective.” It makes me seethe. I want to spit on something. If I owned a pair of boxing gloves I’d punch my refrigerator door with everything I have.

If Hillary goes with Vilsack or Kaine…I hate myself for saying this but I’ll vote for her regardless. I will hate myself but if she goes with the boring white guys I’ll hate her even more. I despise the mentality that would say “the Berniebot movement and the revolution he and Elizabeth Warren stand for was fun while it lasted…but what matters to me is winning, and Vilsack will deliver Iowa in the general election.”

If it weren’t for Donald Trump’s candidacy I swear to God would be thinking right now about voting for Jill Stein.