Rahm Emanuel (starting around the 50-second mark): “[Bernie Sanders‘] candidacy is built on a false premise, both strategically and policy-wise. On the political side, if you look at President Clinton’s two wins and President Obama’s two wins plus the ’06 and 2018 midterms…they all come with the same paradigm of a victory. Which is a big urban and big suburban turnout which leads to a majority. Bernie Sanders’ view is ‘I don’t want these moderate fickle voters…we just have to turn out our base.’

“And to me, in six elections we have won one simple way, and very straightforward — a center-left strategy. [Bernie’s] view is ‘forget the center…we just want to be left.’ And that’s never been tried, and the turnout in three elections…not a big number but at least you can look at it…has not been generated the way he says it has.

“I don’t think there are 70 million socialists waiting to be woken, but don’t know that they’re socialists yet. He’s upending six successful national models of an election.”