If someone wants to give me free-of-charge a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD player, a big stack of high-def DVDs and a really good high-def widescreen TV, I’m an instant fan. But having seen demon- strations of both Sony’s Blu-Ray high-def player and its Toshiba-manufactured HD-DVD competition, I can honestly say that the difference between them and how DVD’s look right now on my big Sony flat-screen is noticable, yes, but not stunningly so. High-def is very cool, but it doesn’t quite make you wet yourself. The only ones who will shell out for these goodies are rich industry elitists (producers and directors like Mike DeLuca, Rod Lurie, Bennett Miller) and money-to-burn tech-heads of a certain age looking to impress girls and friends. In short, a micro-sized sliver of the buying public.