Well, whoop-dee-doo…Universal production chief Stacey Snider made a firm call on Sunday to become chief executive and co-chairperson of DreamWorks…as if everyone was on pins and needles wondering if she’d stay with Universal. (Hah!) Snider will share the same creative and corporate authority that DreamWorks founders David Geffen and Steven Spielberg hold, and will report directly to management genius Brad Grey, the chairman and CEO of Paramount, which bought DreamWorks in December for $1.6 billion. The Snider thing was a Geffen move, of course. Hiring Snider was Geffen basically giving NBC/Universal’s owner General Electric (and its chairman and CEO Jeffrey R. Immelt) a hale and hearty f.u. for failing to deal in a more assertive and forthright way when a purchase of DreamWorks was being mulled by Universal last year. Like all corporate owners of entertainment companies, G.E. is basically a bean-counting operation without a lot of enthusiasm for entertaining or movie-making, and Geffen has taken advantage of that element of vague corporate suffocation by offering Snider a somewhat more creative, hands-on job with a bit more time off for her kids. With Geffen and Spielberg’s assent, Snider will be able to greenlight projects with budgets up to $85 million.