All year long my Durango Dude outfit — cowboy hat, overcoat, gloves, black suede boots — sits in a closet, and then for 10 days in mid January I get to actually wear it. I love strolling around in this garb, and if it snows up there so much the better. Can you imagine going to Park City and wearing, I don’t know, some dorky day-glo orange down vest with a nickle-and-dime K-Mart scarf and some kind of knit cap…the kind of outfit that Girls costar Alex Karpovsky would wear if he attended? Famous last words if I get hit by a car on Kearns Blvd. because my clothing isn’t bright enough. The Southwest flight leaves Burbank at 11:30 am, stops in Pheonix, arrives in Salt Lake City around 4:30 pm.