Or imply the wrong thing. Or say something even a little bit complimentary about the wrong kind of person. Or hint at the wrong kind of attitude. Or argue for the wrong position or perhaps even imply that you’re thinking the wrong kind of thoughts…you’ll be disciplined like a bitch. The politically correct Robespierres will arch their backs and point at you and shriek on Twitter about how you need to be shunned, admonished, fired from your job, whipped, corrected, spanked with a wooden paddle, sent into the desert to cleanse yourself of your grotesque mansplaining and male-gazing, etc.

This is in no way a plea for leniency for the odious fraternity of Les Moonves, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey and Charlie Rose. The world is obviously a better, more humane place without the abusive sexual buccaneering that these guys have come to represent. We are, on the other hand, living through a kind of Twitter-ized French terror. Nobody’s perfect and we’ve all probably over-stepped at one time or another, but the mere presence of a dusted-off guillotine is…well, unpleasant. Society is being course-corrected, of course, but whew, the anxiety vibes.

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