Most people understand by now that Paul Greengrass‘s 22 July (Netflix, 10.10) deals with the 2011 Norway attacks and their legalistic aftermath. The best part is the first 35 or 40 minutes, which focuses on the attacks themselves (an Oslo government bombing followed by a mass machine-gun slaughter of teenagers on the island of Utoya) by right-wing anti-immigrant terrorist Anders Breivik.

In my mostly positive 9.10 review, I mentioned a possibly problematic aspect — the fact that Greengrass “portrays Breivik as relatively rational with a sense of discipline and self-control. Cold, paranoid and sociopathic, okay, but not a raving nutter. During the investigation and trial Beivik explained that he carried out the attacks to call attention to his opposition to Islamic immigration and his view that feminism has created a European ‘cultural suicide’.

“I’ve heard that there are some journos and industry types who feel that Greengrass did Breivik too much of a favor by allowing his character to explain his extreme right-wing views in a measured and somewhat neutral fashion.”

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